About InfraGard San Diego

InfraGard San Diego is a FBI-affiliated nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to mitigate criminal and terrorist threats, risks and losses for the purpose of protecting our region’s critical infrastructure and the American people. Founded in 2005, the San Diego chapter covers both San Diego and Imperial Counties and has established itself as a leader nationwide, setting the highest standards for programs, training and education. For the last decade, we have proudly contributed to the safety and security of San Diego via an all-threats, all-hazards approach. At the national level, the InfraGard National Members Alliance was founded in 1996 and now comprises over 80 regional chapters, each linked to a FBI Field Office.

InfraGard’s success can be attributed to the unprecedented communication, collaboration and coordination it has forged at the epicenter of America’s most critical resources. Our membership is comprised of individuals that represent private businesses; local, state and federal law enforcement agencies; academic institutions; first responders and more.

All members are vetted by the FBI and pass comprehensive background checks prior to being accepted to InfraGard. The trust inherent in those who have successfully passed these checks is unmatched in any other public-private partnership in the country, making InfraGard a unique and highly successful solution to engaging the private sector in the protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

InfraGard San Diego: Chapter Highlights

  • 13+ years of contributing to the safety and security of the San Diego region
  • 2,000+ vetted members representing all 16 critical infrastructure sectors
  • A groundbreaking public/private partnership that fosters collaboration and information-sharing to enhance our collective ability to address threats to critical infrastructure
  • Serves as a force multiplier for the FBI
  • Highly successful collaboration with the Dept. of Homeland Security and San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center
  • Regular meetings, conferences and tabletop exercises on timely counter-terrorism and security-related topics
  • Unique Sector Chief Program that provides comprehensive expertise in each critical infrastructure sector to facilitate the timely, effective dissemination of sector-specific information

Board of Directors

  • Sandy Moul - President/CEO
    Emblem Communications
  • Bob Welty - Vice President
    Homeland Security Consultant
  • J’on Rider - Secretary
    Gallade Chemical
  • PJ Ellison - Treasurer
    Space Micro
  • Kim Casey - Board Member
  • Gary Hayslip - Board Member
  • Robert Heyer - Board Member
  • Rusty Sailors - Board Member
    SSO/Protecting Tomorrow
  • Lamine Secka - Board Member
    San Diego State University

Advisory Board

  • FBI InfraGard Coordinator *
  • Matthew Miller
    SD LECC Representative *
  • DHS Protective Security Advisor *
  • Bruce Churchill - President Emeritus
    INMA Pacific Regional Coordinator
    InfraGard San Diego Sector Chief Coordinator
  • Charlie Kim - Advisor
    At Counsel, Yelman & Associates
  • Tony Miller - Advisor
    San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center
  • Tiffany Vinson - Advisor
    City of San Diego, Office of Homeland Security
  • Ken Culver - Webmaster
    Culver Web Design

* By-Law Statutory Positions